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please help stuck in foreign country and terrified!!



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Mar 9, 2017
In Canada I always get sedation and that gets me through an appointment. Even triazolam between .5 and .75 dosage. That's three little pills that some take at home for sleeping. You'd think it wouldn't be that difficult to get in India for dental work...

im in indiancurrently and of course a tooth which absolutely nothing wrong only one month ago at the checkup and X-rays now I need a root canal.... in INDIA! My husband is from here and we now live here half the year. He took me to his friend who is a dentist and she was hesitant to give me anything at all and I explained it's just triazolam, a med that many people take for sleep but I need it for the amnesia effect.

She writes the the script for alprazolam instead... xanax. Which has different dosages and some people use far more than .75 mg for every day anxiety. It also doesn't appear to have amnesia effect. So we call her and she says bring her to the government hospital dental area (free) and they can do sedation because she is too afraid to use it in her clinic. I get there and the terror begins...

i tell them my issue with with local anesthetic that I always get trismus and post op pain. So at home I was in habit of nonor very very little local and the sedation helped me cope with drilling pain. They ended up giving g me two klonopin sublingual...another anti anxiety which I think is even less effective than xanax and at a lower dose. It doesn't take effect.... at all. So there I am sitting in the chair facing a root canal without sedation. I reinforced my stance on the injection and said do not use it. They tricked me. They did not listen to my request at all. They first sprayed strong topical and I said do it with just that and then They tried saying they were going to 'irrigate' the tooth by spraying something on it. I knew better and protested .... loudly!!!!! That is a tactic dentists use on kids!!!! I saw the syringe with needle firmly attached!!!! They ignored my non consent!!!!

They ignored me and held me down!!!! And injected and I felt the whole thing it was excruciating. There is no way that was 'spraying water' I felt the needle all the way in my muscle and something injectingnin which was painful.
It was for upper 6 tooth and I think they injected my jaw muscle behind my back top tooth. In Kashmiri they were talking but I clearly heard something about 'buccal' which referrs to injections! I don't want to hear about how nobody can withstand a root canal without local. I know I can and I have done so before under sedation. The difference this time was they won't sedate me just given me some mild anti anxiety stuff which didn't work.

I went into full panic attack on the chair breathing to 50 respiration per min and heart rate was 180 (they had s pulse oximetry on me). That didn't stop then they held me down drilled with me fully aware and screaming. They were laughing. Then the horrible dikes which I could still feel some. They left it open meaning no filling so I have to go back and when I got out of the chair and started to walk I fainted.

Now due to past injuries I had from dental needles I panic with the frozen feeling so I scratched my face in frantic attempt to make it go quicker and bit my cheek also in panic. I didn't sleep all night last night because every time I close my eyes I see the whole event. Even though my tooth no longer hurts...
but now I have a new issue. Where the needle was is extremely sore and I can't open enough to even get a level spoon in. Family made me cream of wheat and I could slurp the milk but the little balls of wheat got stuck on the outside. The pain is definitely not the tooth And is further back where I felt the needle. Pain level is about 3-4 at rest and 8-9 if I try to move my jaw at all. It's clamped shut.

What at do I do? India dentists don't believe in any pain relief (once you are out of their office) or measures to keep patients comfortable while there. I now am considering going to a hypnotherapist here to erase the memory of the actual root canal since I didn't get the amnesia effect. I dont know how effective it is. I am
also stuck in pain with only Motrin and a jaw that is locked shut and painful and still have to get he filling.
I have not eaten anything at all and can only get pure liquids past my clamped teeth. the area over the jaw where the needle was injected is extremely tender to touch and I can't even lay on that side. The actual abscess thoigh painful was not limiting my eating or talking.

I had a lingual nerve nerve injury when I was younger so I am freaking out. What did geybdo to me???
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I just wanted to express support!!! I'm sorry you had to go through that. I don't know enough to give advice but it sounds awful. Hope you have improved. Did you get filling done?
Sorry I really read my post and realized that my phone autocorrected some things wrongly...

I have not gone to get the filling yet. I am stuck with .5 mg xanax which won't do anything. I have gravol with me which is sedating and at higher doses can kind of make you drunk-like so I don't know if it's safe to mix them? I also have Tylenol 1 with codeine with me from Canada as it's OTC in Canada. That's what got me through the pain so far but I can take a few of those along with the Xanax and some gravol to try to cause more sedation for the filling. Need Input on if that will work or if it's too dangerous. Without something It won't get done and I will have an open hole on my tooth for 6 months till I get back to Canada and can have proper sensation.

As for my local anesthetic issue, the areas sprayed with topical the skin is now breaking down into ulcers. The injection sites from the local injection are also ulcers and the muscle 4 days out is also still very tender. I can open my jaw a bit now but only maybe a few mm between my front teeth. Not enough to do a filling anyway. Still eating entirely mushy stuff I don't have to chew. There is a huge bruise on my cheek over the injection area (it's actually slightly further back than the tooth and I never had any issue even with the tooth infected. This always happens with local with me, it's like it is corrosive or toxic to my tissues or something) even for stitches or anything not just dental stuff. Anything with caine at the end it seems.

I can't take the numb feeling because I panic about the lingual nerve injury I had when younger and then start literally and uncontrollably clawing and biting at my numb skin to try to frantically remove the feeling. My husband was forcibly holding my hands away from my face. It was torture feeling that and wondering if it was permanent that I would be paralyzed on that side.

The local itself causes me way more torture and pain than the abscess or even drilling would. I understand drilling is intense pain but it's short lived and doesn't result in delicate tissues being turned into painful ulcers that last for up to week or more!

Local injected in my muscles causes them to be too painful to move. I'm not talking about a little minor soreness like from a flu shot. I'm talking gnarling throbbing pain at the injection site and shooting intense pain if I try to move that jaw muscle. I also have bruising inside and outside over the injection sites.

India dentists won't listen though. And they won't give me anything to help after. Once I'm out of their office that's it. And while there they only go by their protocol which is use local regardless of what the patient tells them.
Well went to regular doctor today and found out my BP was 230/140 and heart rate 140 BPM all because of this. The doc put me on klonopin .5 twice a day and Inderal (beta blocker) 40 mg twice a day. He also gave me dose of two more klonopin an hour before the Appt and said that should work to get me through it. Let's hope. Big thing is will the dentist honour my request to NOT use local anesthetic.
PDL injections might be ideal for you.
PDL injections are painless both to get and after? And the area injected does not turn into ulcers like canker sores? Also there is no numb feeling to gums or cheek or lips or anything. The ideal for me would be the tooth and ONLY the tooth would be numb meaning no collateral soft tissue numbness, no pain to receive the injection and no soreness after from it. Only then will I allow it.

As for the rest the drilling etc I still require anti anxiety meds for sedation and India seems to not care about how comfortable the patient actually is. They don't care that I now have to live with that trauma and you can't exactly erase a memory. Went to a hypnotherapist and told them how I was held down and forced the local anesthetic and wanted the memory erased and he (a psychiatrist) just put me on Inderal (beta blocker) and klonopin to calm me down. My heart rate was 140 and my blood pressure was in the dangerous range of 210/140.