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Please help. swollen tongue and membranes under tongue after root canal



Junior member
Nov 9, 2012
In June of 2012 I had a bone graft done om my upper right side. In July I had 2 bones implants lower ledt and lower right, and an implant on my upper right. On October 2012, me dentist found an abcess on s tooth on my lower left. He did a root canal, and prescribed Augmentin 500 mg three times a day. Two days after I finished the course of antibiotics 10/17/12 I brove in hives and angiodema. Went to see my primary physician who put me on Benadryl. Did not help. Next day I had to go to an urgent care faciloity, since my lips, eyes were swollen. I was given Kenalog 40 mg IM, and told to take Benadryl 4-6 hours. The hives and the angiodema on my face has been resolved. However, my tongue and the membranes on the "floor" of my mouth are still swollen.
I went to see dermatologist and an ENT, both told me it had to do with the abcess, since it is going on now for almost 3 and 1/2 weeks (the tongue and membranes being swollen). Both advised to check again with my dentist. I went to see him two days ago. Found out that the material used for the root canal contains latex (I am allergic to latex). Told me the best thing would be to remove the tooth. It was extracted that day. Tongue and membranes still swollen. Anyone had this problem? I am terrified it will never go away. Could it be my implant or the bone grafts ? I had a complete mouth x-ray and my dentist found no infection or other abcess. This is making me so anxious, and I am so tired of going to doctors and specialists who seem to not be able to know what it going on. PLEASE, HELP :( Thank you!
Can't guess what is wrong on line so get as good evaluation. If the swollen area is distinct your dentist could use a needle to go into that space and see if there is pus there. Allergic reactions cause a general swelling and no pus. While you are allergic to latex typically patients can tolerate the root canal filling according to a conversation I had early this year with an endodontist.
I would say that you have no allergy to the implant or to the grafted bone. If you dentist can't readily diagnose then see an oral surgeon they should have no problem.
Thank you for the reply! I am relieved that you do not think I am reacting to the bone grafts and implant.
It is a general swelling of the tongue and the membranes under it. When my dentist extracted the tooth, I had a full mouth x-ray, and he did not find any infection or abcess. Friends tell me it may take a few days for the swelling to go down, if indeed it was caused by the root canal. Today is day 4 post extraction, and swelling looks the same to me. I'll wait until Monday, and if there is no improvement, going to call my dentist again and ask him to do another exam again. Will tell him that if he cannot find the cause, I would like to see a oral surgeon.
One change: hives on my face are gone, only the swelling remains. Looking at my tongue and membranes is so anxiety provoking that I am always on the verge of a panic attack:( Have thought and thought about what could have caused this, it all began after the root canal.
Thank you for the support. I really need it right now.
Hopefully I will find an answer to this.