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Please help TERRIFIED about being put to sleep



Junior member
Jul 16, 2018
United States
I went to have my wisdom tooth removed on September 24th but the procedure was called off because my blood pressure remained very high after several checks. The oral surgeon told me if he were to remove my tooth while I had such high blood pressure he "wouldnt be able to stop the bleeding." I have severe, diagnosed OCD and generalized anxiety disorder and this scared the shit out of me. Now I am wondering if I will bleed to death during the procedure. On top of that, I was not allowed to bring a loved one back with me into the surgical room.

The oral surgeon wound up sending me to a stat care clinic in order to get my blood pressure down, and the doctor there wound up admitting me to the hospital where I stayed for a few hours hooked up to an IV and some fluids that finally brought down my heart rate and blood pressure.

Because of my high blood pressure, the dentist will have to put me to sleep for the extraction, which is another obsessive fear of mine.

I keep thinking more and more about having to go back to the dentist and I just feel like crying without stopping.

I'll probably have to lie down on a cold, hard table and count backwards while the anesthesia takes effect probably without a loved one there. Just thinking about it makes me so nervous...

I think it would be at least a little bit easier for me if maybe I went to the office several hours before my appointment, took a Klonopin, and just sat in the waiting room while the Klonopin took effect and allowed me to slowly fall asleep on my own terms. But then they would have to wake me up to tell me when it was time for surgery...

Ever since he made that remark about my blood pressure I've been having a bad feeling about the procedure and I wonder if my blood pressure is going to go crazy during the surgery or if I'm going to have some kind of adverse reaction to the anesthesia. My tooth is already half rotted away (large cavity), but it doesn't even stink and I've been taking Cipro. I wish to God the tooth would just rot out on its own and I wonder how long it would take for that to happen. I know this isn't a wise thing to do, but I was wondering if anyone on here has ever done that

Wow... Sorry this was a bit of a hard experience and a bit or alot anxiety producing for many reasons.. The great thing is to your credit even though you were scared, you did walk through the doors to do it on the 24th, you also went to the hospital as they directed and you did everything you could to care for yourself and that is great! It also sounds like your oral surgeon was really careful and didn't take any chances with your blood pressure and sending you to the stat care clinic to make sure things were ok.. The way things were said , well.. yeah.. that could have been said a little more gently or anxious friendly.. did he know you were an anxious pt , I forget? maybe he just didn't recognize how he said things might trigger fear a lot more . So you have to go for general?

Maybe in a hospital setting they would let someone come back with you until the last moment.. and can they are used to doing this and knowing how to make people feel at ease in this . I just got another medical procedure where I was put under , not dental, but I was so scared always am .. but it ran very smooth and everyone was super caring , especially that I put out I was anxious about being put under. Could you try a consult with another surgeon and see if they would work with you with the Klonopin as you said and how you feel with them?

either way,, all the credit for you to going through this even though it is scary and lots of anxious thoughts and feelings and all! Let your self cry and process all this. its a lot to digest really and think about the appt plus the thoughts of next appts..