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Please help! Weird bleeding gums problem..



Former Member
I went to see a dentist at my university over 3 years ago after suffering with severely bleeding gums (only between my to top front teeth) for about 6 months, not only while I brushed but also during stressful times. I was terrified this might mean something really bad.

The dentist said that it was just gingivitis and I just needed to pay more attention to this area while I brushed. Sure enough it went away for a while after doing this, but then it has reappeared 2 months later. I had been really paying attention to this area all the time for about 3 years but it still bleeds.

I haven't been back to the dentist again because I fear they will just say the same thing. What do I do about this? I think it's weird that I only bleed in this one spot and that it seems to be brought on by stress sometimes. Why won't this go away?! It has me really worried it's something worse.

Thank you
Loads of things can cause it, none of them particularly sinister or nasty. A few off the top of my head... hormonal changes (pregnancy or just monthly cycle), stress (as you know), a blocked nose (forces you to mouth breath which dries out the gums...).