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Please help



Junior member
Jan 17, 2022

I’m in the UK and I’m so unhappy with my teeth. It really gets me down. They aren’t straight and they are badly stained. Some are broken towards the back. I always hide my smile/laugh, I get so anxious when my young niece and nephews get close to my face because I feel like they’re going to say something about my horrible teeth. I am 30.

I don’t know if this is realistic but is it possible for me to have all of my teeth removed and replaced with false teeth? I don’t have a lot of money. I don’t know if there is a way of doing it and maybe paying in instalments? If that is an option then I have bad credit too so I’m not sure if there is anything I can do. I have booked an appointment with my dentist but I’m worried about going and it being a waste of time if there is nothing that can be done. I don’t think they can be repaired, but I’m not an expert. I just wish I could smash them all out and put false teeth in :’( It honestly makes me so sad, I don’t want to live my life this way anymore.
Getting all your teeth removed and having dentures at your age is a recipe for months of discomfort, long term problems and further embarrassment.
Why don't you start by finding a dentist you can trust enough to have a discussion about where you go from here? Your teeth are almost certainly not nearly as bad as you think they are.

Why would there be long term problems? I have got an appointment booked with a dentist to see what they say. I just want to have nice teeth.
Simplifying it a bit. When you take teeth out the body removes the supporting bone to use elsewhere. As time goes on there is less and less of it to support the false teeth, so it becomes very difficult to make the dentures stable. By the time you hit 50 you'd have a real problem wearing dentures.

It also leads on to the "fallen in face" look modelled by grannies everywhere when I was young :)

I see. So what are my options exactly? How do I get perfect teeth without removing the horrible ones I have? It seems like there’s nothing I can do.
If they aren’t straight just get braces and maybe some whitening. Taking out all your teeth at 30 isn’t wise. Good luck.
Without seeing your teeth it's pretty hard to suggest any improvements, so first off, go see a dentist and see what they suggest.