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PLS Answer need peace of mind on numbing



Junior member
Jan 9, 2012

My biggest fear of the dentist is numbing and freezing when i go numb in my face it sends me in a panic and running.

I need to get a few upper molars filled..now i know it is better than having to do a lower tooth..but if i just do one upper tooth at a time..can my dentist do it so that only the one upper molar she is working on is numb? can she control it so it wont go to my nose, cheek, lip etc. Thank you! really need to do this and need some idea on how i can make this work!

Thank you.
have you read this?

your request to do one tooth at a time and keep anesthesia to a minimal area is a reasonable one. Some dentists won't like that as it is not efficient. While I essentially agree with that link that RP provided you might want to consider some therapy as to why you have so much anxiety over being numb. For many patients just me keeping them calm and focusing on the positive aspect of anesthesia and getting them to internalize the benefits have allowed them to no longer fear local anesthesia. After all it is your friend.
Yes I have done therapy, and all the work... I have had to get work done a couple of years ago... it was the hardest thing I have done. Then I need more work... and I feel like im right back at square one as far as fear goes. I'm beyond frustrated.

can she control it so it wont go to my nose, cheek, lip etc. Thank you.

I have had loads of dental local anaesthetic in recent years and I don't ever recall my nose feeling numb. Lip and cheek, yes.
Strangely, I have had my nose go numb on one occasion. Didn't bother me personally 'cos I don't have a fear of being numb, but I can certainly see how you could easily be upset by it. :(