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Jan Chepstow

Junior member
Aug 22, 2011
Approximately 12 months ago, I would have put 'Ashamed' in the Title of this blog.
I hated my teeth, I hated myself for letting them get into a state, but nothing could get me to a dentist- nothing !!
I had been going to the dentist since I was 5 years old, but after a few bad experiences the fobia just grew and grew, so I hadn't visited a dentist in over 25 years. Then my son announced he was getting married, this give me that kick to do something.
A friend recommended her dentist and I very bravely arranged an appointment, that was the start of a very happy journey for me. Not only did the dentist rectify the problems, his cosmetic procedures have given me so much confidence, that I smile all the time now.

I want to recommend him and his team, ( because they all have very warm and friendly personalities and are so supportive at all times) My thanks and gratitude for his patience and dedication goes a long way, but the most important thing to me is I trust him totally.

Mr Stephen Lodge
New Inn Dental Practice
111 Highway
New Inn

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