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Portobello, Dublin



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Mar 23, 2006
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Dublin - possible website

Websites with sections of interest to anxious patients in the Dublin area: https://www.portobellodental.ie

According to the website, some of their dentists have a special interest in helping nervous patients and TheWand is available.
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"I can happily recommend the Portobello Dental Clinic

I went to see Nick in there and I explained to him that I can be nervous when in the dentist chair and can be a big baby when it comes to oral surgery. He was really re-assuring and comforting. Anything he did he told me exactly what he was doing beforehand and what the reasons were. I have to go back in the new year to get more work done and I will be confident that i will be comfortable."

Another recommendation from August 2009:
'So had the appointment today.
Was really impressed with Portobello clinic. They are a really professional outfit and incredibly friendly.
Have to get a wisdom tooth out, a filling redone on my front tooth and it turns out i have two baby teeth (one of which has come out soon!).
Going to be sedated for most of the work but 2 more sessions and ill be pretty much done.
Feel so much better for making the first step to finally having a healthy smile!
Can't recommend this crowd enough - do it MissyC!'

Got the intravenous sedation today with Portobello and couldn't have gone better.
My pulse was quite high when I was there and I was pretty worried and stressed about the whole thing.
Anyway within a few minutes, I was totally at ease and the dentist was able to take out a wisdom tooth, a baby tooth, do a thorough cleaning, a filling and the moulds for the whitening I will be getting done next time.

'Couldn't recommend this bunch more.
I am just so glad I took the steps - honestly, I was terrified. Its mainly thanks to my hypnotherapist I managed to get my foot in the door so totally understand how hard it is'

'All my work with the Portobello Clinic is finished now.
Had a lot of work to get done today on a front tooth and decided to man up and not go for the sedative.
Twas all grand, no pain and was talked through everything.

My teeth are far from perfect but they are now healthy a nice white and I can actually show my teeth on photographs!

Didn't cost the earth and I just can't tell you how comfortable every member of staff made me feel.

Do it!'

Yet another:
'For me, I have had a major Dental Phobia - and I have not been in over 20 years. Finally, I plucked up the courage to make the appointment and it was with Portabello. Last week I had the first appointment and I broke down and cried my eyes out with the Dentist! But he and his assistant were so nice and understanding. There is no judging, giving out or anything like that. I need a fair bit of work done but not as bad as I thought :(

Today I had my second appointment and I got a filling. I did not want the sedative, so tried it without. It took a while to complete and I was scared the whole time, but they were so nice and they really look after you. They also try to build up your confidence which is great. There was no pain at all. The Drill is fairly quiet nowadays too! I'm going back again on Tuesday to have 2 fillings this time.

I'm so looking forward to when all the work is complete. I know that I am going to be a new person.'
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I went to Portobello Clinic in Dublin after years of being terrified of the dentist and it's the best thing I ever did. When I booked my first apt I had to fill in a form the rate how scared I was e.g. 'Ok, slightly nervous, very nervous' - something like that. I ticked very nervous as I was shaking! My apt was with Dr. Lewis and he came out to the waiting room beforehard to introduce himself and to make sure I was ok and then we went into the surgery. He let me explain exactly what I wanted and what worried me and really listened, then he looked at my teeth and did some x rays, he typed everything into a comp as he went along. I was terrified that I had peridontal disease but it turned out it was just gingivitus and the bones in my teeth are fine! :) Also, as I had root canal on my two front teeth years ago I thought I'd need crowns, but he said there was no need as the teeth were strong and it would be a waste of money at the moment so he said he'd refill them. I asked him about bleaching too and he said I could definitely get it done, but that he didn't think it was necessary because once he refilled my front teeth my smile would be alot whiter. It was really nice to have a dentist actually try to save me money for a change! He told me about intravenous sedation and said it was an option if I wanted it, but I couldn't afford it and to be honest I really wanted to conquer my fear so I didn't go with it.

All in all, I needed 12 fillings, so he did me out a treatment plan with all of the prices and quoted at the highest price for each so that I had a maximum quote and wouldn't get a shock, and I arranged another apt for yesterday. I have to say, I was really nervous, but he was so nice and the nurse was lovely too, she held my hand the whole time. I got 5 fillings done in the one go and the injections were what I was most worried about, but they weren't too bad at all. I had to get 5 as I never numb very easily, but it was ok really. He told me everything he was going to do before he did it and before I knew it the time went really quickly and it was 2 hours later and I was finished.

He doesn't give out or anything like that, you know the way some dentists do - he simply told me what I needed to get done, and that was really nice and made it seem like it wasn't much at all (although I know 12 fillings is pretty bad!). He told me it wasn't half as bad as I thought it was and tried to make me feel better about the fillings by saying that decay spreads and that that's why there were so many - as I left it so long. I have 2 apts left and it's costing me 900Euro for everything with the PRSI deductions. I want to get everything done by Nov as it's my grad then.

I really have never met a nicer dentist, he's so gentle with your mouth and even today my mouth is only a wee bit sore from the injections, nothing like the time I got them years ago. He'll be honest with you and understands nervous patients and is not at all condescending. The surgery actually specialises in treating nervous patients too so I'm sure all the dentists are lovely. Even the reception girls are so nice. When my apt was over I realised I'd got the price wrong and it was 100Euro more than I thought, I didn't have the money and didn't know what to do, but the girl on reception was lovely and said I could pay it on my next apt and it was fine :)

I couldn't recommend him anymore to anyone who's as scared as I was, even just go in and have a chat with him and make your mind up then, it'll be such a relief when you do - trust me I know the feeling! :)
I tried them on your recommendation - thanks a million Brit - they were by FAR the best I've ever been to!!!

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