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Positive experience today



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Jul 1, 2018
We moved in November so I had only really had a cleaning and a consult at my new dentist.
I had to get a tooth extracted and implant placed, so he had referred me to a periodontist (who was great with anxious patients).
Today was the first time I had any real procedures with the new dentist so I was really nervous. I had to get impressions taken for the new implant crown, which had really hurt at my last dentist as it kept pinching my gums. I actually ended up having to be numbed for it. This new dentist told me that I had gum growth over the implant cap, so he was going to go really slow with removing the cap and putting in the impression post, and that if it hurt, he would numb me. There was not any pain at all. It was a little uncomfortable at times but zero pain. He also had to adjust my teeth a bit because my bite was off and my teeth were hitting heavy on the back molars on one side (actually broke a bit off a back upper molar). He was super careful, explaining as he went. I was so scared that any work would set off the nerve like it had in the past. No issues. He was fantastic!
I go back in a month for the crown placement and hopefully will have the same experience!