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Positive experience



Junior member
Dec 6, 2016
Just wanted to share my positive experience of the dentist to hopefully help others who are feeling like I did a couple of months ago!

I'd put off going to the dentist for three years (and five years before that) as I had a phobia of going and was absolutely convinced they'd tell me I had advanced periodontal disease and needed all my teeth out, as I know I'm prone to gum disease and my gums were really sore and things just didn't feel right. Also saw what I thought were cavities and loads of brown staining on the inside of my teeth which freaked me out as I've never needed a filling in my whole life.

I finally plucked up the courage to go just before Christmas anyway and I'm SO glad I did. Turns out I didn't have any cavities at all, they were just natural holes in my teeth and my teeth are fine.

As expected my gums weren't too good but two hygiene appointments and a much improved dental routine with flossing every day before bed and a switch to an electric toothbrush later and my gums are back to good health! All my pockets have reduced significantly and are within a healthy range now and my gum tissue is no longer bleeding and swollen. The hygienist was really happy with my progress. I just have to go for regular scale and polishes now to keep on top of things.

Anyway it's something that had been worrying me and always in the back of my mind for years so I'm so glad I finally went and got it sorted. The experience itself was absolutely fine and because I went to a private dentist they spent time with me giving me advice and tips rather than just doing a quick job and sending me on my way.

So if you are similarly worried about the dentist and have been putting off going for years like me, please just make an appointment. It's the first step and just think, you can always cancel if you can't face it when it comes round to it (but I'm sure you'll be fine).