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Positive Wisdom Teeth Removal!



Junior member
Jul 21, 2019
Hi everyone!

Glad to be writing post surgery. I had not been to the dentist in years when I felt a crack in one of my back teeth. I grudgingly made an appointment and was told I needed to have my four decaying wisdom teeth removed, and two root canals along with the regular cleaning and some other maintenance.

We opted for IV sedation and I was very concerned since I had never had anything like that before, and find my tolerance to be very high and fast with drugs of any kind. This turned out to be no issue at all.

I got in, asked my questions and was taken back to the room. I was nervous sitting down so I made conversation with the anesthesiologist, talking about his pets and such. When he put the IV in, I simply took deep breaths and looked at a pretty painting on the wall. Done!

Then, he says "okay, you'll be asleep in 20 seconds" so I started laughing because that sounded crazy! Sure enough, my vision started to double, then triple, next thing you know they're telling me to open my eyes and I'm (apparently) being assisted to the car.

I didn't have any pain during the procedure, it took 2.5 hours due to some issues with my decayed teeth. To me though, it was a nice 5 second nap and I woke up feeling really drunk. They didn't give me gauze, which apparently I was very concerned about, but we had brought a "spit cup" which I highly recommend for the ride back. When I got home, the bleeding stopped within an hour and the anesthesia started to wear off that evening.

Relaxing and staying on top of ice, ibuprofen and soft foods I feel has helped a lot, as well as sleeping upright to help with swelling. I am only on day 2 and feel pretty normal, no swelling yet.

I hope that if someone has such an extreme phobia as I do regarding the dentist, that they can know it is totally possible to find an understanding dentist who can make the process a breeze. Express your concerns and fears, and if they don't take them seriously, find someone else!

I spent more time worrying the month leading up to the procedure than was necessary. Now that it's over, I feel way more confident about my oral health and continuing with regular checkups at my new dentist.


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Staff member
Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD

This is so great to hear everything went so easily and turned out great! All best wishes for your continued healing! Love this story!! :welldone: :you-rock::cheer2:


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Apr 9, 2014
Well done maranti19! :thumbsup!:

Wishing you a speedy recovery!