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Possible cracked tooth???? PLEASE HELP. Need advice.



Feb 9, 2017
Okay so. I was on here a while ago, but my dentistry issues were resolved and life was good.
Fast-forward almost a year, and I am having an issue with one of my crowned teeth. It is the #8 tooth, the very front tooth on the right. Anyway, one night I had this terrible, throbbing pain in that tooth that would only go away when I would swish hot water around in that area. I have a high pain tolerance and I was at the point of just laying in bed with a bottle of hot water. My initial thought was that it was an abscess. So I called my dentist, got an appointment the following Tuesday, as it was the weekend. They took X-rays and found that nothing was wrong on those. So he got to examining the tooth and said that my bite was off. So every time I would bite down on that crown, it would move or something? So he shaved a little bit of that tooth off, and said it would get better in about a week or so. It did get better, but maybe about a month or so later, I started to notice this pain when I would touch the gum area above that tooth. It was a pretty sharp-like pain, but nothing terrible. So I went back into the dentist, he looked at the tooth, and saw that the gum area was red above there. So he took another x-ray and couldn't see anything. He did see that an area by that tooth, was darker than usual, so he thought I may have another root in that tooth, that may be abscessed.
He referred me to an endodontist to have him look at it, to see if he could see what was going on.
So fast-forward maybe a month to me getting into this endodontist, the pain had gotten worse, but nothing like it was before, it would really only hurt when I smiled and touched that area of my gums.
This endodontist took an x-ray and did see that there was an infection, and he gave me the option to just get the root canal, or to go get a special x-ray to see if I had a crack in my tooth. Well that x-ray was $300 and insurance does not pay for it and they would only be able to see the crack if it was above the crown. I chose to just do the root canal because of money issues, I really didn't have any of the symptoms of a cracked tooth so I was confused as to why he even mentioned it, and on a count of I got a pimple-like bump on my gum area above that tooth about a week after this appointment, and the pain was starting to get worse. He prescribed me anti-biotics after I told him I had a pimple, and the anti-biotics actually took away the pain when I smiled, but the tooth was still sensitive to cold sometimes. I decided to just get the infection out of there. He did say that if the tooth was cracked, that I should have it pulled, which scared the absolute crap out of me obviously. I'm 20 years old and really do not want to have a tooth pulled!
So. About a week or two later, I go in to get the root canal. He starts it and as he is looking in my tooth with the microscope, he said that he did NOT see any cracks in my tooth and that it was a very good thing! THANK GOD. I do not want to lose my front tooth.
So after he finished, he starts telling me all the aftercare stuff, that the tooth takes about a full year to heal fully, it still might hurt, all that good stuff. Then he said to have my regular dentist watch out for "resorption" because if that happens it means there still might be a crack. He also asked me if I had had any trauma to that tooth. I said not that I can think of? The only thing I can think of would be bumping that area of my gums with my toothbrush.
Soooo it's now been a week since the root canal, the pain has been reduced 100%. But it is still pretty sensitive when I bite. It's also a little tender when I touch that area of my gums still. Not nearly as painful as before, but still just a little sore almost when I touch it. It's like right under my nose. My gums are also a little red up there. And that little pimple has been reduced to almost nothing, but is still there.
So after all that. I'm just wondering, with all that being said, can someone with dentistry experience tell me if they think I have a cracked/fractured tooth? I'm sitting here almost in tears thinking about getting my front tooth pulled out, and I just need some reassurance that everything is okay.
Or that everything's not okay lol. Because at least then I'll know for sure.
Anyways, I really hope someone is still reading after this big long story. Thank you.
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Jan 1, 2005
Hi Jumper34, sorry to hear about your ordeal!

If your endodontist couldn't see any cracks in your tooth with his microscope, then in all likelihood you will be fine. As he said, the tooth may take about a full year to heal fully. Seeing how it's only been a week, some sensitivity can be expected. The only thing you can do now is give it more time to settle down. You've done the hard part by treating the tooth - well done :jump:!!!


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Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
Not unusual for a root canal tooth to be sensitive to bite for several weeks afterwards.
In general back teeth crack more than front teeth.