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Possible Extrusion and implants



Junior member
Jan 17, 2019
Hi, I have a ‘recent’ history of the inability to be numbed on the lower teeth after my previous dentist tried to do a root canal treatment in my bottom right no.6 (I’ve never had RCT before). I’ve had many fillings upper and lower over the years but the RCT was way too painful for me. My dentist used 8 cartridges and everywhere felt numb apart from the tooth. He had to stop and temporary fill before I ended up having to see a private MF surgeon who removed the tooth under a GA. Fast forward a few years to May 2021 where I had another 4 lower teeth removed inc 1 wisdom tooth (they were removed due to ongoing pain and as RCT isn’t available under a GA, have to add that 2 teeth seemed beyond repair and the other two seemed to be visually ‘ok’ but caused sever pain and anxiety). I’m since having problems with my second lower wisdom tooth which is painful when any type of pressure is added to the tooth, this is due to be removed when the surgeon has theatre time, waiting for a date.
It now seems that I’m also suffering with extrusion as the extract opposing teeth are painful. This is a suggestion by my new dentist as again there seems to be no obvious issue with the teeth on inspection. I have Upper and lower pain on both sides. (Extractions were 2 bottom molars and wisdom on my right and bottom two molars on my left, the bottom left wisdom is still in and painful straight after lastest extraction in May2021). My question (I think) is if I opt to have implants will I feel the drilling into my lower jaw bone even after numbing injections bearing in mind that RCT couldn’t go ahead as I could feel the drilling and it was too painful for me to bare.
I am at the end of my tether and at age 48 I feel that I’ll be forever miserable and anxious unless my teeth get sorted. After all the amazing technology and medicine we have I can’t imagine not being able to get this pain sorted but feel like I’ve hit a brick wall becasue of the issues I’ve have with being numbed. Wish I could remove all of my teeth and live again. Feeing completley deflated and no longer my fun loving self.


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
It sounds like the tooth for the RCT was what the Americans call a "hot" tooth, too badly inflamed to numb properly. There are ways around this (different block injections for instance) but it sounds like your dentist at the time wasn't aware of them or wasn't trained in doing them.
It's unlikely to be a problem during implant placement, mainly because the majority of the work is in bone, which doesn't actually have pain receptors... even if it was, I would hope that a surgeon who was placing implants would know the way to get round it.