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POSSIBLE front tooth extraction... feeling sick



Feb 9, 2017
LOOOOONG story short. I just need to have some comfort that IF I need to get my front tooth extracted... that if I have to wait to get the implant finished for healing... I'll be able to get something like a temp bridge or crown or something that is going to look good and also be somewhat functional while I wait to get the permanent crown put on.
Please I'm just so freaked out by this. All of my other teeth are perfectly healthy, just a few fillings from when I was younger. I just might have a vertical root fracture of my #8 tooth, causing a possible extraction. :o:o:o:redface::redface:
Hi Jumper34,

please do not worry about this. Looking good is one of the functions of teeth and dentists know that. No dentist will let you walk around with a visible missing front tooth. ;) You will get something like a partial with one tooth on that so that nobody notices a difference. Your dentist might want to prepare it even before the extraction so that you can use it right away. Just let your dentist explain to you how it works.

However, keeping my fingers crossed for you not to need and extraction.

All the best wishes
Thank you so much. I'm also hoping that I do not need it. I think my anxiety is just getting the best of me because in the back of my head, I know I'll have something there so it looks normal... But I'm just so nervous about it not looking right or not being able to eat with it in or talk right... Thank you so much again!