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Possible infection after wisdom tooth extraction?



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Dec 19, 2015
Hi guys. New here.

I had my wisdom teeth (all four) pulled last Thursday. Healing went okay.

Until about day 5 or 6 when I noticed a small painful lump on the bottom left side, right above the extraction point. It's overlying the extraction point, so now food can easily lodge in there.

Here's a picture, don't be too grossed out!

Please help. My dentist didn't even look at it, just told me to contact my oral surgeon (he's contracted through them) - and he hasn't responded to my texts or calls.


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There's no telling without a dentist taking a look. I'm no professional, but maybe the right question here is ... is it steadily getting worse or is it pretty much unchanged since you posted? If worse, does it look like it's bleeding or leaking pus?

If there hasn't been much change, odds are decent that this thing will go away on its own.

One possibility, if food can get stuck there, is that a tiny piece already did. A foreign object in exactly the right (or is that wrong?) spot can mess with the healing process.