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Possible infection around extracted zone. Need opinion (Photo)



Junior member
Mar 12, 2015
I had a wisdom tooth extraction performed one week ago. I went to get it checked out yesterday morning and the dentist said it was fine but I'm skeptical as it was not a very thorough check.
I have only now noticed a significant wound on the inside of my cheek and discoloration around the inside of my mouth with a noticeable amount of discomfort. any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated C360_2015-03-13-02-57-49-176.jpgC360_2015-03-13-02-57-49-176.jpg


Junior member
Mar 9, 2015
I'm far from being a doctor, I just have more experience with infections than I would like.

It does look pretty inflamed. Is there a bad odor or taste? Has the pain in the area gotten worse after it had been getting better? Those are the things I look for, personally, but I would go with your gut. A visit to let your dentist look at it may be worth the peace of mind. Stress does you no favors while you're healing.