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Possible Infection post WT Removal?



Junior member
May 14, 2018
Hello, 8 days ago I got my wisdom teeth removed. I was a nervous wreck before and after, but I will share my story about that later. The whole experience was kind of traumatic for me and I just want to forget about it until I can talk about it again. I know on my other forums people have been asking!

Anyways, my back RIGHT molar, upon inspecting through my phones light/camera has this brownish/yellow spot where the cut from my extraction was. I texted my dad a picture of it, and he said that it could be infected and to make an appointment. I'm suuppper afraid to go back there because I don't want to hurt again. I just started work since the surgery.

I'm still just taking Tylenol (the name brand kind) occasionally to help with pain, but the pain is about a 2.5: just aches on both sides.

I have not experienced any forms of infection symptoms like an earache or anything like that. However, I know that I occasionally get a taste from that side of my mouth that tastes like blood, but when I dab a gauze back there, it doesn't really show up.

I have been following the procedures of brushing gently, washing with salt water, and not sucking/blowing/spitting, and I have been chewing with my front teeth (very time consuming!)

I just would like to feel normal again and be done with this whole thing, but I've read it could take months! :shame:

I also still have my stitches in and they are dissolvable, but when I take pictures I can't see them.
My throat is also sore on the left side, but I'm not sure if I'm just overthinking it all or what.

I will link you a picture of the brown area in my mouth. I have a lot of saliva and I don't know if the flash makes it a little hard to see it. https://ibb.co/mbxNvo

IF it is an infection, what will they do? I don't want to experience the pain that I've had before :cry:
UPDATE: my mother called and she described the situation to them and they were basically of no help. They just said to keep using the syringe and brushing and to try Listerine. They may prescribe antibiotics. If I go up there they'll just basically do it for me.

I was mad, because I just don't want to drive up there to do something I've already been doing. I just used some hydrogen peroxide, and everything in my mouth foamed, I flushed it out with a little water. Just now I had that weird taste again coming from both sides and I'm like 90% sure its puss. :confused: