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Possible infection



Junior member
Sep 17, 2021
Hello, I would like to know the opinion of the group's experts. Six months ago I had a filling in the number 1 tooth in the photo, while in the 2 I have a root canal from 2 years ago. After these procedures I started having dental pain, which I never had before. A few days ago I started with discomfort again, that has worsened: pain on that side, especially due to the heat, which comes and goes. It does not hurt when hitting, chewing or brushing my teeth. It is a very strong pain. After seeing the XR, the dentist said that he thought it wasn't a cavity, but rather due to a muscular problem due to blockage as the upper and lower canines did not fit together. But it seems to me that this type of acute pain corresponds more to an infection. Especially because these pains started after the first filling. I had never had them before. What do you think?
I'm posting 2 Xrays, the black one is the recent one, the white one is 2 years ago.
My dentist is not available until next week.
I was also wondering about the information you posted here about stopping cavities. Would there be a way to do it in this situation? I started taking esential oil of oregano and putting a gel for sensitive teeth on the area. I don't know if this could help..
Thank you for reading IMG_20230317_182248.jpgIMG_20230317_150639.jpg
Your dentist has the advantage of seeing you and your x-rays, so I would be inclined to believe what he says. An abscess in the area would probably be giving a lot of pain on biting/pressure.

The essential oil won't do anything useful. If the sensitivity gel has fluoride in it than that would help prevent future cavities, but won't do much for the current problems.
@Gordon thanks a lot for your time and answer