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Possible infection?



Nov 6, 2022
London, England
Hi all,

It's been awhile but I've lurked to check in on you all and really happy to see all the success.

As for me, I've got a question. I can feel tightness around my front tooth where the gum is swollen and I think I hurt myself with floss, I think on Thursday?* But there is a bit of redness at the very bottom of my gum like, past the pink part at the very very bottom ridge. No pain on biting, no pain at all. But I also can't be sure that the tooth hasn't moved as I have gum disease. Do we think this is an infection?

I've got an appointment on the 28th, will I last that long? My dentist is on holiday and I don't know that I have it in me to see another.

If it helps, I saw my hygienist yesterday and she didn't mention anything about my tooth, but I did tell her I hurt myself with floss so maybe she put it down to that?

*I also did a bottom gum injury with my toothbrush which still hasn't healed.

ETA: my front tooth has always flared out for as long as I can remember and apologies for my bad hormone skin. 😭


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I think you've traumatised it a bit, looks slightly swollen but not especially inflamed. Give it a couple more days and see what happens, I don't think it's anything to worry about.
@Gordon Thanks, Gordon. You're an angel. I hope you're keeping well.
I'm very well indeed thank you for asking. :cheers:
@Gordon That's great to hear!

I have a follow up question if that's okay? This tooth appears to have settled down but after my hygienist appointment I noticed between two of my other teeth is red and I assume inflamed.

I feel fine, no blister or boil, no tooth pain or pain on biting for either tooth. Do you know what it might be? Are my gums just angry at my visit or do I need to call in?


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ETA: I called the office and they said warm salt water and it could wait until my appointment.