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Possible Jaw pains causes pulling sensation on teeth?



Dec 3, 2015
So, I'm returning back to the last dentist I've seen this week to get an xray done as she had stated to return if the pain has not disappeared in a week's time. However, seeing as the appointment is on Friday, I'm getting the jitters and as such, would like to look for any second opinions. I've been hearing my jaw creak/click? Whenever I open it as of late. It always did that but recently.. Seem to be doing it a lot more often. It is possible that it could be due to me flossing as I've never opened my jaw wide for extended period of times. Adding on, the tooth that's getting the pulling sensation is.. a little looser compared to the rest and it feels as though there's a gap(?) between the gumline and the tooth itself. Any thoughts? Thanking anyone that takes the time to reply to this thread.
Went back to the dentist. She's baffled as I am. The xray showed no tooth decay, cavities and all of my bone levels appears to be normal. She went ahead and decided to poke around my teeth a little to see what she can find. After which, she said that I apparently have slightly loose gums on the molar that has been aching. Gave me some antibotics and toothpaste and told me to return in two weeks. Also mentioned I have a notch in the gumline between the crown and.. well.. Gum line. It's not visible though. She also suspects I have some sort of jaw disorder, as recently, I've been hearing and feeling a clicking sensation on my jaw whenever I open it. All I wish to ask is if would I lose this tooth even if I keep up with what I do daily (Brushing 3 times and flossing once per day) or will it be fine? No xrays as I didn't ask for them to be printed and my phone's off to repairs so.. Yeah.
IMO, if the dentist doesn't see the loss of the tooth coming, it's probably not coming. I'd keep up with your routine and not cross that bridge until you actually come to it.

You said "crown" - is the tooth that is hurting crowned? If so, a possibility comes to mind ... x-rays often don't see decay under crowns. That still isn't likely, though, because the decay has to get in there somehow through exposed tooth ...

One other thought - did the x-rays show the roots of the tooth, and were they intact? I wonder if something like that could contribute to the looseness.
Ah, sorry, I've taken to calling the enamel a crown. No, no dental work has been done on my teeth. And yeah, it did show the roots of the tooth, they aren't loose at all. Everything seems good and dandy. I'm guessing it might just be my gums being slightly more loose than usual and hence, cause the tooth to be a little more.. mobile than the rest of my teeth. Me wiggling it around due to my curiousity probably isn't helping either..
Regardless,thanks for the info, I suppose I'll just keep it up and ask about it in the next scaling in June.
Hang in there! The antibiotics might yet work - and swelling/infection always makes things feel differently, including looseness of a tooth. You can always call back sooner if it gets worse or persists for too long, but a little time at present won't hurt things and will help you figure out more about it.