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Possible Periodontal Disease



Junior member
Feb 3, 2024
howdy! I'm 24 years old and made the decision about 2 months ago to start getting serious about taking care of my teeth.

I HATED brushing my teeth as a kid. absolutely hated it. I'd go in, run the water for a few minutes and wet the toothbrush and call it a day. i hated the dentist, i hated the teeth scraping ,i hated the fluoride treatments especially.

I still had poor dental hygiene at 17. i started smoking cigarettes pretty heavily until i was about 19 and switched to a juul. i finally switched to a mod in November of 2022. i had a labret (middle of bottom lip) piercing and a tongue piercing up until about 2 months ago when i started to notice my gums getting irritated.

i thought i could manage myself with consistent proper oral hygiene. a little more than a week ago, i noticed two of my bottom front teeth were loose. i absolutely lost my cool, i was freaking out. i managed to get into a dentist rather quick, but he only saw me for about 10 minutes, just enough to get an xray. he said there's bone loss, not any specific amount, and mentioned periodontal disease. he told me to keep up caring for my teeth as normal and prescribed me antibiotics. I'm on a cancellation list for my next appointment and my anxiety has been sky high since.

I've been researching treatments and the ones that sound like they usually do sound scary as hell. I'm not only anxious about the treatments but also whether or not I'll be keeping my teeth.

i don't know about anyone else in a similar position and this isn't me passing judgement at all, but i feel if i end up losing my teeth I'm a failure.

I'll update as i have them