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Possible tooth infection?



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Jul 1, 2018
Okay, I am freaking out. I have gone more than a year without a tooth issue but my bottom front teeth have been aching for the past week. It is constant and feels like when my front tooth had an abscess.

On Friday last week, I got what I thought was a mouth ulcer right at the root of my bottom front tooth. I didn’t think much of it, but my whole chin was sore and it hurt to eat or talk, but not unbearable.

The ulcer cleared up and is now just a white bubble, but is still tender and irritated. Usually a mouth ulcer lasts a few weeks for me. The bottom teeth are aching and sore. There is mild pain when I press on the tooth, but more of a constant aching.

This was how my front upper tooth started, but it had died over the years with no pain and had a huge abscess by the time it started hurting. I also had a childhood injury on that tooth.

My bottom tooth was not injured or chipped. I am terrified that it is another abscess. I go back to work in a little over a week.

Does this look like it could be from an abscess or just a mouth ulcer? Can a healing mouth ulcer cause the tooth to ache? Usually ulcers are not raised like a bubble for me and they turn red when healing, not white.

I have an appointment at the dentist but not until next Wednesday. That was the earliest they could get me in.


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Looks more like an ulcer than an abscess.
Looks more like an ulcer than an abscess.
Thank you! I am hoping the tooth pain is possibly from my nightguard needing adjusted. I have an appointment at the dentist on Wednesday so hopefully it can be adjusted. My tooth pain does not feel the same as my usual nerve pain. It is consistent and achy rather than the occasional sharp pain. It has also been ongoing for a week or more.
Hopefully that's what it is.
Hopefully that's what it is.
Well, my appointment was a little disappointing. I have only seen this dentist twice, for my cleanings and my kids. He seemed to be great, and is definitely good with nervous patients.
However, he was a respiratory therapist before/during dentistry and he told me that the dark circles under my eyes indicated that I needed to do an oxygen test, which they perform in office, and that I most likely have sleep apnea which is causing the clenching of my teeth at night.

I tried to explain to him that I currently have a head cold, which is causing the dark circles, and that I have never had sleep apnea. (He had done some kind of preliminary check for it on our first appointment and had told me that I had no signs of it).

He didn’t adjust the nightguard but said my teeth looked fine and I probably needed a new nightguard. They could make it for $425.

I don’t feel like I was really heard. It felt like he was pushing me into a test I don’t need. I don’t have any symptoms of sleep apnea. The treatment for it at my age is orthodontics, which I have no interest in having again or surgery.
That's disappointing. What's happening with your symptoms though? Any change?
That's disappointing. What's happening with your symptoms though? Any change?
Yeah, the pain is pretty much gone now. I was super stressed the last few weeks because of starting a new job which probably caused me to clench more than usual.
Yeah, stress is a great way to provoke clenching and grinding. Hope the new job is going well :)
Hope you're feeling better soon Mountain Mama