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Post extraction blood clot or infection?



Junior member
Mar 25, 2024
Hello, I had a molar (#30) extracted last week by an oral surgeon. I was not completely numb and felt significant pain, both with the extraction and with the dentist removing the infection from the socket, and am therefore afraid to go back. It has been 7 days. There is a jelly like consistency to the socket/gum area. (This is not a dry socket). I am still eating a soft food diet, am chewing on the opposite side of my mouth and rinsing regularly with salt water, as well as brushing my other teeth. Salt water and toothpaste lead to pain. I am taking 600mg ibuprofen 4x/day and using ice packs on and off throughout the day. I took amoxicillin for the first 5 days, but am now out. I need to know if this is normal healing, and the socket with "firm up" - or is there still infection and this is a pus pocket. My normal dentist is out of town for a week, or else I'd go to him for help. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Really you need to get a dentist to take a look at it, does your normal dentist have somebody covering for them while they're away?
It's not likely to be any kind of infection. rather a large blood clot, but the symptoms seem a bit odd.