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Post Extraction Care/Brushing Tooth in Between Two Extraction Sites



Junior member
Jul 26, 2012
I apologize if this is posted and answered elsewhere, but I was wondering, how do I go about brushing a tooth that is between two extraction sites, without disrupting the clots at those sites? I know, probably very carefully! Seriously, though, how would I be able to brush that tooth? I am so worried that I'm going to dislodge the clots that are hopefully forming at the extraction sites (just had upper right wisdom tooth and the molar that isn't right next to it but one tooth away extracted yesterday). Any advice would be appreciated.
i have been in this exact situation. got one tooth extracted and then very shortly after i had another extracted, leaving one tooth in between the gaps, as the gaps were healing up. this was 3 years ago. nowadays, that tooth in the middle of the gap is the cleanest in my mouth, because i can get to every side/angle/contour with my toothbrush! lol.

if it is only one day after your extractions, just very carefully wipe the in between tooth with gauze and water. you don't want to disturb those clots any. after you've noticed the clots have finished their job and fallen out (in my case it took only a few days), then you can carefully use a soft toothbrush around the lonely tooth, being careful to not bang or brush the tender gums where the extraction sites are healing.

rinsing with salt water is great for helping extraction sites to heal. i highly suggest doing these rinses at least a few times a day for the first week after extractions.