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Post Extraction Care / Fear....

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Jun 1, 2010
United Kingdom
Post Extraction Care

Hi, I had a tooth...(well, more accurately detritus which should have been some time ago, with previous attempt at removal ending in stress / agony) removed yesterday and I seem to be doing well so far - Haven't needed to use the gauze provided since leaving hospital and some blood on my pillow is as gory as it's gotten. I guess as this was done under GA the dentist must have applied pressure before I woke. For the record, the tooth was an upper first molar and I did require a gum incision which was then stitched.

I completed my first 'salt water' wash earlier, and there was no blood when 'releasing' the water (as gently as possible!). However, the second time there was a small-ish red blob of blood. Only in one mouthful about half-way through and then nothing else. No further bleeding. However, I'm rather scared about losing the entire blood clot at this stage because dry socket or further infection of some unspecified sort is something which, to put it lightly, wouldn't be welcome...especially at what is an extremely busy time in my life! Regardless, I appreciate that such an occurance would be incredibly rare. Rationally, that is something I can appreciate - I simply wish to exercise caution and make sure I'm doing everything correctly to minimise the odds of any sort of negative reaction further still.

So I just wonder if that sounds consistent with losing the clot or if would likely be bigger / bleed more had it dropped out. I've been following the post-op instructions as best I can (I have accidentally touched the area gently with my tongue about three or four times but at no point did anything seem to dislodge...) and have been eating strictly on the other side of my mouth.

So yeah...just that little clump of blood has whipped me into a mild state of fear once more. Any advice / reassurance would be greatly appreciated.
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A little drop of blood is nothing to get worked up about. Chances of a dry socket are fairly remote now or you'd know about it.
Wow, I sure hope you do not get dry socket, I went through that six months ago after a wisdom tooth extraction. Horribly painful. If you start getting dry socket pain all I can say is call your dentist/surgeon immediately and get a prescription for a narcotic pain killer like Lortab, that is the only thing that will keep you sane through the pain. I had to even beg for a refill on that which should not have to happen, I was not a drug addict, I was in fricken pain and needed that refill. The pain is immense as it sounds like you know from experience. Wish you the best.