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Post-Extraction Care



Nov 16, 2011
Middle of Illinois, USA
I just had a lower tooth (next to bottom molar, I think she said it was #28) pulled less than an hour ago, and just want to ask some questions about post-extraction care to soothe my anxious mind.

#1 - the dentists assistant said to leave the gauze in place until I got home and then swap it out every 30 minutes. It only took me 30 minutes after extraction to get home - would it be okay to leave it in place for an hour?

#2 - I don’t want to PULL the gauze off, as I know that can dislodge the clot. Can I put some water in my mouth and just gently tilt my head from side to side until the gauze more or less falls out on its own?

#3 - I’ve read a few websites that say to place moistened gauze onto the site. Does that mean to run it under the tap for a few seconds and then bite down on it?
1) Doesn't matter. Once you remove it, I wouldn't put any more back in though :)
2) Yes.
3) I wouldn't bother, but yes that's what it means.