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Post extraction fear

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Terrified in February

Junior member
Feb 1, 2024
Vermont, USA
Trigger warning… photo attached
I had my front tooth extracted 3 days ago. Today it has white scum all over my gums. I’m rinsing with salt water as directed. I do have pain but I have to wear a dental appliance and I think that annoys my mouth. Does this look normal?


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I'm doing well for 1 word answers today :)

Yes. :)
I am still super nervous about this. While it appears to be healing there is still a really deep hole where the tooth was. Seems like this should be filled in? Drank cold water earlier (something I rarely do) and practically went through the roof with the cold sensitivity in the extraction site. Does all this sound normal? how long before the hole fills in more and stops looking like a deep well?
Patience, it's a big hole and will take some time to fill in.
The sensitivity is from the teeth on either side, there will be some additional root surface exposed on them due to the extraction. Give them a liberal coating of sensitive tooth toothpaste at night (with a finger, not a brush) immediately before going to bed and leave it on all night, should help a lot.