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Post extraction infection?



Dec 7, 2020
Had lower first molar out on Tuesday. Pain had been subsiding until yesterday when I noticed my gums around the extraction site were really red and inflamed as well as sore to touch. Still some swelling and soreness around the jaw line but have also been getting shooting pains down the front of my neck. Overall the pain isn't too bad, but I am worried about a soft tissue infection. The actual extraction site doesn't appear to be sore but the clot is smelling a bit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as dentist is shut.


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It could be that the skin is pulling over the bony edge of the socket which is causing pain. Or possibly a fragment of bone working its way out. It doesn't look like anything serious on that photo. There's a good clot present so it's not dry socket.

Not really such a thing as soft tissue infection after an extraction.
Thank you for the reply @Gordon . I wish you were my dentist. Tomorrow is a week since the extraction. Saw oral surgeon today as was getting a bit of pain. She removed the stitches and clot came away. Is there still a risk of dry socket/infection? In a whole tailspin about it now the clot is gone


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No, it's healing really nicely. You really, really don't want me doing anything dental anywhere near you, I've not touched a patient for over 3 years now :)