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post-extraction of retained root question



Oct 23, 2009
new england, us
last friday (6 days ago), i went under iv sedation for an upper wisdom tooth, the molar in front of that tooth (broken to gumline) and the retained root of a lower molar that had been extracted in november.

i'm still having to take 3 advils every 4-5 hours to manage the pain. are other people still having pain like this almost a week after extractions? (i called the oral surgeon on tuesday and they said sometimes people are on pain medicine for a week and with the antibiotics i have, i should be covered to be healing. she went on to say that i'd probably be off all otc or prescription medicine by friday-which is tomorrow and i can't see all this pain going away by then!)

i had dry socket in november, and while this pain is nowhere near as bad, it's still pretty painful without medicine. (want to add though, after the advil kicks in, there is virtually no pain. but i kept putting off taking the medicine to see if the pain comes back :redface:, probably not the best idea!) does this sound within the normal range after having a surgical extraction? the nurse i talked to said that since they had to go into the bone to get the root, it may be more sore than the regular extractions up top.

help! i have 2 kids to take care of and it's emotionally and physically exhausting to be in pain like this!