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Post Extraction Questions



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Jun 18, 2011
Hello lovely people!

Hope it's ok for a newbie to post questions, i've been reading the forums for a few months now.
Basically i just had an upper left molar extracted yesterday (not the second molar, the one second from back - i have no wisdom teeth!), it was a very painful extraction, particularly scary for a first timer like me and i had some, probably daft, questions..

Is it normal for it to be immensely painful to bite down? I did have three fillings on the lower teeth directly underneath it.. But the pain is in the extraction site.

And my teeth either side of the extracted tooth are very painful and sore.. Should i be worried about this?

Lastly, I was told it'd just be 'a bit sore' but the pain is very severe, a nasty throbbing pain. Ibuprofen does help. I'm hoping that's normal since it's only been 24 hours or so since it was done really?

Thank you so much to anyone with the patience to reply, you're really helping a traumatised, dental phobic! x

I'm just a newbie like yourself and so obviously cannot comment from a dental perspective but I have had a couple of teeth extracted alerady and due to have another extracted next week.

When I had mine extracted it hurt a lot afterwards to the point where I lived on soft food for a day or two as I couldn't really bite down but it did soon get better. I just took some ibuprofen and gargled with warm salt water.

Hope you feel better soon.
Hey sparklybean

Sorry to hear about the difficult extraction you had.
The socket where the extracted tooth is sensitive now, there is an inflimmation process (which is part of a normal healing process) so it could be sensitive to touch and pressure (and maybe even constent low level pain that lasts a day or two). The neighbering teeth had also suffered from pressure during the extraction so they are also a bit sensitive. Luckily, all this is reversable and temporary :). This inflimmation gets to its peak after 24h, and than slowly heals, you feel every day how it improves, how the inflimmation gets smaller.
There are ways to decrease this inflimmation and the post-operative pain, and that's basicly the dentists job:
provide the right post-operative instructions (like how to keep the tissue clean),
to prescribe medications (like the right pain killers)
and use the right extraction technique (like splitsing the tooth and extracting every rooth seperately).

Now it is important to keep the extraction site clean and let it the time and patience to heal :).
All the best.
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