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Post extraction questions



May 13, 2020
United States
Hello. I had a bunch of work done on Monday. I would guess I was finished around 1:00 on Monday eastern time (u.s.). In addition to fillings and a root canal I had 6 extractions. All four upper molars, 1 additional lower left molar, and an infected front left baby tooth (h) that I never lost as a child and was infected.
1. should I be feeling tightness in all the corner extractions? I don’t necessarily have much pain anymore just occasional soreness and feeling of tightness (I think they were all sutured or most were). If the stitches are still there is that why or is the feeling of tightness normal healing? Do shrinking clots cause a tightness feeling? I have never had extractions before so I am just curious.
2. Why am I still afraid to eat anything other than soft things with nothing else in there like pudding, ensure, Tomato soup, applesauce, etc. I can’t bring myself to try other soft things like eggs, soft vegetables, etc. is this because I feel the tightness in the extraction areas and I am associating eating with pain still? Is it ok at this point (6 days later) to get food stuck in holes? Will any leftover food in holes work it’s way out safety or should I just stick with the soft diet until I feel more healed and comfortable?
I thought I would ask here since it is Sunday and I can’t call my dentist until tomorrow to ask them.
Thank you


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
The tight feeling could be the sutures or the clots shrinking, don't worry about it.

Go ahead and eat what you want, you won't do any damage now.