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Post extraction



Junior member
Aug 2, 2020
I had my lower wisdom tooth removed over a month ago , recently it starts to bleed randomly , I do move my to
I’ve around in there from time to time but it will bleed a little then stop right away I also feel like a soft jelly ball hitch is where it bleeds from , from time to time . Is this a bad thing I had stopped antibiotics A few weeks back is it just taking it’s one healing I’m worried I don’t wan to be on antibiotics again I have a history of taking them a lot ? What could this be ?


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Sorry, long answer but it might be better if you understand what's going on :)

The repair process after an extraction involves your body making a substance called granulation tissue, this is the spongey greyish stuff you can probably see.

To carry out the repairs, your body needs to put in extra resources. Those resources are carried in your blood. So, the granulation tissue contains a lot of blood vessels and is rich in blood. It follows that if you bump it when eating or brushing teeth then some of that blood can leak out. It's totally harmless to you and you certainly don't need antibiotics.