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Post extractions complications.



Junior member
Oct 18, 2015
After many years of avoiding dentists dues to anxiety and panic attacks a bad abcess which was also effecting my ear. Developed a kind if rumbling in my ear. forced me to to visit an emergency dentist. I was given amoxicillin and told to find a dentist for treatment as my molars were in very poor condition. I found a local one which saw me 10 days later. It didn't go very well, they said they could see an infection and said I should be referred for sedation treatment due to my anxiety. I wasnt keen on sedation at all but agree. They didn't have an xray machine so needed to book me an appointment for a place that does it for them and I would hear from them in a couple of weeks. After a month of not hearing from them (admittedly I didn't contact them either) I went to another dentist a friend recommended as being very good. I went to see them and they xrayed me there and then. Told me off a bit for neglecting myself (which was ok and was true) and reassured me it's never to late. I was told all my remaining molars needed to be removed and there was quite a bit of infection. He said he can do it in one go or do it in stages. It was up to me. I decided to have it all removed at once as if I had a bad experience I was highly unlike to go back to go through it again. Went back a few days later for the treatment. Petrified but I needed and wanted it done so I could move forward. Was reassured that I had had enough it can still be done in stages. Surprising it wasn't that bad apart from the last. That was painfully for some reason. The dentist was very good and patient. Said raise my hand if was painful. Gave more injections but still hurt. He was very good. Stopped as soon as my hand raised. He said I was going to have to give him a few seconds and I think he drilled in the centre of the decayed tooth and injected the nerve. Not 100% sure on that but what ever he did worked as the pain had stopped and tooth removed. Mouth was padded out and was given instructions on care and a subscription of amoxicillin again. This was 8 days ago. Most seem to healing ok and now no pain except my top left still stings when I eat and drink. I've had a look I'm the mirror and it kind of looks like an ulcer. I've also seen at the back of my cheeks lots of spots. Also I still have the rumbling in my ear still the same and doesn't seem to be going away.

So my questions are,

Should I be concerned about the stinging and looking like an ulcer or just give it more time?

What are the spots?

Will the ear problem ever go away or am I stuck with it?

I'm trying not to let my anxiety get better of me. It's late Saturday night here and the dentist isn't open till Monday anyways. So I thought I'd tell my story here and see if anyone could offer advice.

Thanks in advance



Super Moderator
Jun 24, 2012
I wouldn't be too concerned about the stinging/possible ulcer. The signs to watch out for are increasing pain in the extraction site and a fever. Those could signal an infection. I would go back to your dentist on Monday to let them have a look anyway, but try not to worry over it too much.

As for your ear, have you been to the doctor to be sure it's not an ear infection unrelated to your teeth? I've had problems with my ears for years. I used to think they were connected to my teeth, but I had all my teeth removed over a year ago, and I still get tinnitus and blockages in my ears. It's a bit of a pain in the butt :p