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Post multiple extractions


J Mummy

Junior member
Jan 31, 2016
On Monday (3 days ago) I got 5 teeth pulled out (all on right side, 3 bottom, two top, one of each was a molar)
Anyway, there has been slight discomfort on and off but nothing a couple of paracetamol doesnt get rid of.. But I am eating everything with the other side of my mouth and dont know when I can start to eat with the right side again. I generally have been eating what I normally do, havent stuck to soft foods, just used the left side.
I have another appointment in one week and am scared she will do the extractions on the other side (4 I think) and I wont be able to eat at all!
Hello there J Mummy,

You had your first load of extractions out the same day i had my 5 teeth removed! I had 2 upper molars removed on the left side and 2 upper molars and 1 lower molar on the right. So i can't use either side. I recommend for the next time round you'll probably want to eat soft food for about a week. (think mash potatos, ice-cream, smoothies (without bits if you can), yoghurts etc). It isn't as bad as you might think. Eventually you'll be able to eat more solid food. After a week you could start adding hard foods back into your diet. Just remember to give your mouth a gentle swish of warm salt water after each meal to clean up your wounds abit.
Also don't be afraid to ask the dentist questions about when to start eating either! They will answer all questions before they start the other row :) and ofcourse the sheet the dentist gives after the extraction will also help.

I hope this helped you somewhat :)