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Mar 18, 2024
United States (CA)
I got my wisdom teeth out 5 days ago on March 13th. I have been on amoxicillin since the operation and have been following all instructions for post surgery care for wisdom tooth removal.
I am 23 year old female and had all 4 extracted at once but my bottom left wisdom tooth was impacted so I was informed they would leave the roots and crown the tooth. I don’t know if it’s related or just how my body handled the extraction but this side of my face (right side) is extremely more swollen and there’s a huge painful lump in my cheek. I do not believe this is infection but I wonder if it is my lymph nodes?
When I open my mouth to check my incisions the bottom right has granulation tissue around all of my molars and they are bleeding very minimally and it’s concerning to me. Overall swelling has subsided since yesterday. Ironically the very swollen right side of my face is in very little pain but my left side, on the other hand has kept me from sleeping these past 5 days with its horrible intense pain that only slightly subsides with medication. I ran out of hydrocodone which was helping me so so much more and now I’m left with horrible pain not improving with over the counter pain medications. I am taking 1000mg of acetaminophen and 1000mg ibuprofen every 4- 6 hours. I have noticed what I believe are bone spurs coming out of the incision site and I think that’s what is what was causing the increasing pain. Iam also experiencing pain, bruising, and minor swelling in my neck (formed around day 4) which is not too troubling to me as I understand this is an intense procedure. My jaw will not open no more than half an inch still and I have no been able to do any dental hygiene besides very gently flushing my water with warm salt water every 4 hours or after I consume food. My pain slightly better today and I have a check up appointment on Wednesday the 20th in two days. I want to call and see if I should get a sooner appointment but a part of me is telling me that I’m being a hypochondriac.
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what is the likely hood of acquiring a post operation infection while taking amoxicillin as directed by doctor. I have not been able to brush my teeth since surgery and I’m post op day 5 after wisdom tooth extraction but I have been gently flushing my mouth with warm salt water every four hours or anytime I eat. The reason I have not been able to keep up on dental hygiene is because the pain is too intense and I cannot get my jaw open enough.
Hi, you absolutely should see your dentist asap if things are this bad on day 5. You’re not being a hypochondriac.

(P.S. I’ve moved this from the Support section and merged it with your other question because it’s not primarily emotional support you need with this, but the help of an actual dentist in person. Hope that’s ok!)