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Post RCT pain



Well-known member
Jun 23, 2012
Pennsylvania, USA
Kinda freaking out ...

Tooth #10. Interproximal cavity that was deep and shook up the nerve. Fast forward to hot/cold/tapping sensitivity and a trip to the endodontist.

I've had 2 previous RCTs and the recovery was within days. This one is about 2.5 weeks in and still not settled. The hot/cold sensitivity is completely gone. I can floss and brush with no issues. But if I bite into food the tooth is sore (no sharp pain at all) and then will start to ache. I favor sleeping on my left side and when I wake up in the morning #10 and #9 are both numb as is part of my upper lip. Wonder if the swelling is pressing on the nerve cluster that was injected with the numbing shot. It resolves quickly but the tooth and that area seem swollen at random throughout the day and the ache comes and goes as well. Big downside for me is that I cannot take NSAIDs.

I have an appointment with the endodontist next week for an evaluation.

#10 has always been a touchy tooth with regards to the gum tissue. Even a cleaning sets off some throbbing in my gums for a few hours after. When I had periodontal work done #10 throbbed for days and I was scared it was a goner. I've always been afraid this tooth would buckle at some point not from the tooth structure but from some issue with the periodontal ligament.

I'm fully prepared that the tooth will have to be opened up again but really hoping that there is a possibility the lingering issues are with the periodontal ligament since it has behaved badly in the past.

Any hope for that? Thanks in advance for any clarity as to the vagaries of how a RCT can or cannot heal.
Could be getting some trauma from biting/chewing, root treated teeth are quite prone to this afterwards, for reasons I can't be bothered typing out :)