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Post-removal gum lump



Junior member
Jun 8, 2015
I had a bilateral wisdom tooth removal last Tuesday after finally getting over my fear (btw, for anyone else worried, it was a breeze..) and although the swelling and pain has now gone, I've been left with a movable red lump / sack in my gum (highlighted in picture) where my lower-left wisdom tooth was extracted.
2015-06-08 15.42.09.jpg
I'm not certain, but I think it was there straight after surgery. Is this normal and has anyone else had similar? Thanks.
I had something similar after a deep cleaning and root canal treatment. I popped it (after weeks of having it and from frustration) and it did bleed a tiny bit, but came right back after it healed. It may be some kind of infection, so I would talk to your dentist about it (it might have to be popped and cleaned out to properly heal). I had gum flap surgery 2 weeks ago and that cleaned out everything and it hasn't returned since.
Thanks for your response - going to see if I can return to the hospital where I had the removal done for advice, no longer have contact with my dentist. Shame it's all such a slow process, had relied on previous surgery being the last for a while :(
Thanks for your responses. As a follow-up for anyone else who finds this thread and has similar - it will disappear. Amazing what the body can do, had the appearance there was no way it would go down by itself!