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Post Root Canal advice please



Junior member
Jul 10, 2020
Hi, Im hoping someone can give me
Some advice.
i had a root canal done 2 days ago. It was a bottom molar. According to the dentist it went really well and he was really happy. The injection site is on the gum next to the tooth by the cheek.
After it wore off it felt awfully sensitive ( the injection site) from the outside of my cheek i could feel a lump. For the past 2 days ive been icing and taking pain relief.
However this morning I've woke up and its like the soreness in the gum has travelled to other parts of my gum too, an area that werent hurting before is now also hurting too.
How normal
Is this? I guess im more worried of an infection of some
Sort in my mouth. The tooth itself is sore but i was told that was to be expected so im more concerned about the gum and cheek pain that seems to have gotten worse rather than better.
Sounds like a "reaction" to the injection, sometimes you get a tiny little bleed in the vein that runs beside the dental nerve, so you get a deep bruise effectively in the muscles. Sometimes the muscle can tear slightly against the needle if it moves the wrong way during the injection. I'd keep up with the ice and some pain relief for another day or so and if it still isn't improving give your dentist a call.
Thank you for your feedback :)
That is a pretty normal reaction to injections for me. It is usually really sore around the area and after about four days or so it almost always turns into a little ulcer (canker sore). It is very annoying.
Yeah it seems to be getting better today ( fingers crossed) but my tooth is still quite sore. Im hoping that settles down too
I'm surprised you got a local injection for a root canal on a bottom molar instead of a mandibular block. Was your lip and chin numb and half your tongue? I had a local injection once for an upper molar cavity drilling and afterwards there was a hard, pea sized lump for about ten days.