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Post root canal pain



Feb 16, 2021
Hi. I had the final part of my root canal treatment in my upper premolar 14 days ago. The last few days it is very sensitive, I can’t bite on it (I haven’t at any point though, as it’s a temp filling). The pain is bearable, I’m not waking at night and don’t need painkillers most of the time although it does feel quite uncomfortable at points. When I bend forward it throbs. Can this just be settling issue? I really don’t want to have RCT again, my anxiety is awful and I have to have non adrenaline anaesthesia otherwise I have panic. Does anyone have any reassurance please?
We have loads of useful information on this site. Here's a bit from the FAQ on root canals...

Why am I in pain after root canal treatment?
Pain upon biting down and dull pain is common and a recognised side effect of root treatment. It should disappear within 48 hours or so, but it can take some weeks for the tooth to fully settle. Here’s why you can get pain after root canal treatment, even though the nerve is no longer there:

Basically, when you stick instruments up the root canals, a little bit of the infected material will be pushed out of the end of the canal into the wee space between the tooth and the socket. This sets up a small area of local inflammation and can cause pain upon biting down and a dull pain. – Gordon Laurie, BDS
The pain should be manageable with maybe a little bit of an anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen or similar. Contrary to what many websites say, it’s not unusual for it to last a couple of weeks.

More here:

Thank you. I can’t take anti inflammatory meds as I have Crohn’s Disease which affects my stomach lining, it probably doesn’t help. Everything on google says a few days, so I was starting to worry. Thanks again.