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Post Root Canal recovery



Junior member
Oct 12, 2009
So i am just looking for a bit of advice really to anyone who has experienced prolonged pain after root canal treatment. I had the 2nd part of root canal on bottom second molar last Wednesday 22 May. So today is day 9 and i am still having to take painkillers for moderate pain. I have dull ache, shooting pain and slight nerve pain now and then. I went back to dentist on Monday (saw a different dentist as mine is on AL). He said all looked fine and no sign of infection. My question is should i perservere until the 2 week mark and see if it settles down more or go back to the dentist
Hi @mellepabitnervous
Normally the pain settles quicker than this but every now and again it can go on this long. As you have been checked once, it seems reasonable to give it to the two week mark.
Hope you get some relief real soon
Hi did this calm down for you? As I’m going through same thing.