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Post root-canal; throbbing sensitivity and sharp pains?



Junior member
Jan 11, 2017
Hello there and thanks to all in advance for any help,

A month ago I went to my dentist with on-off pain in my top left molars. Nothing showed up on X-rays but he took out an old filling and said there was a tiny bit of decay between the two teeth with one being worse.

Over Christmas the whole tooth is almost 10/10 pain and throbbing so I had a root canal between Xmas and the New Year. Not chewing on it to let it settle I tried to eat on it and got the most unbearable sharp pain which made me jump out of my own skin. I've never EVER had dental anxiety before and now I'm terrified of the pain coming back.

Today he checked it; pressure on the entire tooth didn't do anything but when he put pressure on one specific area the pain reoccurred so sharply and I burst into tears and started physically shaking; it almost feels like my tooth is going to split down the middle?

If I swill cold water around the tooth I'll get a throbbing 6/10 pain for a good 5-10 minutes. Hot liquid also hurts but doesn't seem to make it as throbbing as the cold. I'm not sure why this is if there are no roots left?

I do grind my teeth (very badly apparently, like most I'm unaware of it).

At the moment I just want to have it pulled but I'm in my 20s and everyone is saying "NO!". It's been suggested I try a temporary crown and a night-guard but I don't want to do that if it's split already / will eventually split.

I want it to stop hurting, I don't know what to do. Any advice would be so, so appreciated.:shame:
After a root canal you shouldn't have any sensitivity to hot or cold whatsoever. That makes me think it is a different tooth causing your sensitivity. Also, the bite test you described definitely sounds like you've got a cracked tooth. Whether it is the same tooth causing the sensitivity or not is hard to say without more information. My one word of caution would be to make sure they definitely know which tooth is causing your symptoms before having a tooth extracted.
I've had similar pain with a root canal I had done on 15th December, a few days afterwards I was experiencing shooting pain and like you was living in fear of it continuing. The dentist opened the tooth back up for me after a week as I went back as an emergency patient and recleaned all the canals. Mine came on when eating and would also fire up when I was having a hot drink but this seemed to be coincidental. The dentist thought it was due to infected material being pushed through the tip
Thank you so much for the help. I've a follow-up appointment tomorrow. If there's anything interesting going on with it I'll let you know.