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Post surgery



Well-known member
Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk
I had my teeth out and two defined roots all went well .

They didn’t use gauze after it and it’s still bleeding .

I’m at home and they gave me the gauze but they didn’t show me how too use it .

I don’t want too get scared so could anybody advice me please and what I should do of it doesn’t stop ?

It’s not pouring with blood it’s just bleeding .

Bite firmly on the gauze and hold it for about 15 minutes.
@Gordon thanks it’s stopped now . Feeling okay just my mouth feels so strange now .
Bit scared of eating but trying my best .

They didn’t really give much post advice .
Will I be okay too brush my teeth tonight ( will use a soft one not my electric one )

When can I have hot drinks again ?
When can I have hot foods as they said not too have my food too warm ?
When am I allowed too do some exercise?

Sorry too ask just want too make sure am doing everything okay .

Thanks Gordon
@Gordon ignore my last questions sorry just read the article thanks so much !!

Just glad it’s done now time too heal and sort out some dentures .

Wasn’t a great experience the painkiller they gave me in my iv in surgery was very strong so that made me feel sick when I got home . Apart from that and feeling tired today and a bit of mouth pain am okay just struggling too talk properly.