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Post Surgical Concerns - Wisdom Teeth



Former Member
Hey all,

As some of you know, I had my Wisdom Teeth extracted very recently. I have some questions that I hope can be answered. These are fairly general, so if you KNOW the answer feel free to speak. If not, please don't add to my confusion.

1.) What is the clear thick-like drainage I seem to be constantly tasting (which seem to be continuously secreted into my mouth)? My hunch is that it is coming from the area of the lower wisdom extraction sites. I can't seem to stop it through the use of ice packs - thinking I might be able to "freeze" what is seeping out. I am also gently rinsing with plain water...i.e. very gentle swish, and dribble the water out without force. I am concerned about this issue. Is it poison, bacteria, or infection? It causes a little nausea. DMD or MDs...could this be "serosanguinous drainage"?

2.) My surgeon left me with instructions on irrigating the lower wisdom sockets with a syringe in a few days for the next two weeks after each meal. First, what is he thinking - blow water in the area where the blood clot is located? What about "dry socket"? Won't this rip open the seal being made with my mouth tissues? They feel very tender right now...what a crazy insane idea it is to suggest irrigating directly into the wound!!

3.) In thinking about this next question, it could be the reason for the behavior discussed in #2. I know I need to eat...soft food now, regular meals later. I am presently eating super soft eggs, yogurt, ice cream, small amouts of peanut butter, and other staple-like food...all in small amounts. I am concerned that infection could occur by trapping food in the incision area as it closes. What is the average, general time where the gum/cheek tissue around the lower extractions closes? When my lower teeth were extracted, the surgeon had to cut my gum on both sides on the area around the teeth in question. It left sort of a "flap-like" incision which has partially closed over the last 24 hours. What complications can I potentially expect?

4.) How long does swelling and tenderness exist in the area around the extractions...(mostly lower ones)? When can I resume normal brushing activity? Also, my jaw hurts...very tender near the jaw joints. I can't even open my mouth wide enough to eat a bananna! Whats up with that?! Geeeezzz.

While there are perhaps other questions, I appreciate the effort involved in the responses to the questions in advance. Thank you for your help, so very much.

- S.
Portland, OR - USA

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Former Member
1) No idea, it couldn't just be slightly thicker than usual saliva and you happen to be terribly aware of your mouth just now and notice it?
Leave the ice cubes alone. You could gently rinse out with slightly salty water instead.

2) The idea is to gently swish out any food debris that's got into the holes, not to blast the crap out of it! ;D

3) Weren't the sockets sutured closed? Normally healing takes 1-2 weeks

4) Depends on loads of things, from memory of my wisdom teeth, the worst is over in 4 days :)