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Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction



Junior member
Oct 11, 2023
North Carolina
Three months ago, I began having nerve pain in my head that eventually I noticed in my face. Long story short, after thinking it was everything under the sun BUT my teeth, it ended up being an abscess above a wisdom tooth that had come in a few years ago. It was so hidden… the tooth itself never hurt. The abscess was completely above the root, never showing signs on my gums. The only sign was the tooth broke.

The past several years have been a constant up and down as my two upper wisdom teeth came in. One, being slow, causing issues every few months. Once, even mastoiditis (infection in bone behind ear). Headaches. Nerve pain. Vertigo.

Today, I was sedated with Versed, and had both removed. I do remember some of the visit but my biggest advice is make sure you have a dentist that is considerate of you being afraid. That is the biggest part of my success story. I could tell this afternoon that some of the numbness was fading so I took an 800 Mg Motrin and that was it. Tonight, though I do feel some slight discomfort, it is nothing compared to the hell I was living for the past three months.

I feel a little upset with myself… Had I had these taken out years ago, I would not have wasted so much time in pain. I have nothing but work and come home to suffer for three months…I’m hoping that because of this amazing experience, my fear of dentistry won’t be as bad in the future.
@BrookeM86 hi there! I am going to have a molar extracted, a bone graft and 5 fillings done tomorrow with versed and I’m so nervous! I’ve not ever been sedated and I’m worried about feeling out of control or loopy, or worse, not waking up at all. Can you possibly tell me how your experience went in a little more detail?