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Post wisdom tooth - hole not stitched ???



Oct 28, 2017
Question with regards to wisdom tooth extraction .
I got my left bottom wisdom tooth removed approx 3 weeks ago . I3 days after it got infected , went back and put me on antibiotics , but got worse I then went on IV antibiotics - after that it was not getting better I went to different dentist , and he said I had dry socket so I got it re opened and formed the blood clot - it’s now been 8 days since the re form of blood clot and it’s still sore so another antibiotics .
But one concerning part where they must have opened my gum up ( not tooth hole ) it’s not been stitched up both dentist didn’t see an issue . But food gets stuck in there . Should this be stitched up ? Also as mentioned by other posters feels like gum stitched to mouth - but when I pull back it looks like a lumpy sore , ulcer type thing .
And there is still a little bit of swelling running on my left side jaw line . Just wondering why would they leave a hole unstitched - would I over time fill up with food down that hole . And the pain is not in extraction site just my inside cheek etc


Nov 29, 2017
Your story relates to my situation. How are you feeling now? Hope everything is healing well.