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Post wisdom tooth removal - numbness and potential abscess?



Junior member
May 9, 2018
So, I had my wisdom tooth surgically removed one week ago under general anaesthetic, due to the fact I’m so nervous when it comes to anything to do with my teeth. I went through the usual pre operative chat - signing documents outlining that I understood the various risks - including potential nerve damage. I was told ‘not to worry’ about this as it’s ‘just one of those things I need to be aware of but probably won’t happen’. Unfortunately, one week later I have numbness in my face, jawline, cheek and tongue, and have no sensation of taste in the half of my tongue at all.

I wanted to know if anyone else has been through this, how long it took for the feeling to come back and any other advice you might have?

I have also noticed today what looks like an abscess forming on the bottom of my gum at my jawline right next to where my stitches are. Is it common to develop an abscess after wisdom tooth removal? Should I be worried? And could it be coincidental and nothing to do with my wisdom tooth removal, but another problem altogether?

Thanks for any help and advice!

How are you doing with this today?
go back immediately as the doctor may well put you on steroids.
Hi guys,

I got an emergency appointment for the abscess in my mouth. All they said was ‘yup looks like an abscess’. They then gave no possible explanations, and said I can’t open my mouth wide enough to do anything about it so I’ve just to keep taking the pain killers.

In terms of the numbness and lack of taste, my hospital that did the surgery just said ‘yes that can happen’. When I asked my dentist he said I should be speaking to the hospital and said I can ask them at a post op assessment - which my hospital DO NOT OFFER. He then said to ‘just see how it is in a few months’.

I feel so disheartened that things that are really stressing me out seem to be of no interest to any of the professionals I speak to. I feel like I’m going crazy. ?
Standard treatment in USA for post wisdom tooth/ anesthesia/ implant surgery when there is paresthesia is a course of steroids. If it is infected then that's a problem where you generally don't want to give steroids.

I"m so sorry to hear you really didn't get answers you were looking for and it would feel like things were just inclusive with such a vague answer :(. ugh... I really hope the lack of taste, numbness and pain will quickly go away for you.
Thank you for your kind words and advice guys!

I have been to the emergency dental hospital for the 3rd time and it looks like things are getting better - the wound is finally healing nicely and the infection in my gums has cleared up. So glad it’s nothing worst and not to do with another tooth.

In terms of the numbness and taste - it looks like I’ll just have to wait a few months and see how I go.
Zodiacpunch, what an ordeal, it all sounds quite scary. Sorry to hear you had to go through this and didn't get proper support and information. Good to hear that you are doing better. Hope the numbness subsides soon and that you gain your taste back as soon as possible.

Are you going to try to get in touch with an another dental clinic? It doesn't sound like you have been treated particularly kindly at the dental hospital you were at.. :(

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