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Potential cracked tooth - or just sprained?

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Jan 21, 2016
Central IL, USA
Yesterday morning, I noticed that when my teeth met, I would get pain in #3 - not a sharp pain, more of an aching pain that would go away as soon as I took the pressure off. The only pain would be when the teeth met, and even this isn't every time. This tooth is an anchor tooth for a one-tooth bridge (two anchor teeth, one missing tooth in the middle) that sits above a crowned, twice-root canalled tooth on the bottom.

I don't chew on that side because of all of the dental work I've had done over there, so I don't think I would have bit into anything hard and I haven't noticed myself clinching or grinding at all lately.

However, I have been having some hearing issues in my right ear sporadically over the last month, muffled - which a Nurse Practictioner told me she believed was due to allergies.

I don't have the money or willpower to replace the bridge right now and have already discussed with my dentist the possibility of just getting dentures rather than trying to save teeth that are already halfway to failing anyway.

Is it possible that this tooth pain is coming from full sinuses or the allergy issues I'm having with my ear? Could it just be a sprained tooth (especially since the pain isn't constant or severe)?
I've had that type of pain from sinus issues before. Usually the telltale sign for me that it's a sinus issue is that it also aches when I bend over to tie my shoes. I'd leave it alone for a bit (don't keep testing it) and see if the issue subsides. Fingers crossed that it resolves itself!