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Potentially another abscess forming?


Sir Hemlock

Junior member
Oct 9, 2021

For context, a few months ago I had my first abscess and root canal out of absolutely nowhere. I had some event in my sleep, and woke up to blinding pain that lasted a week and a half and ended with a root canal and abscess.

Just prior to the pain's onset, I felt a few odd sensations: tightness in my jaw muscle, running along my jawline under my teeth, as well as significant sensitivity to pressure.

The other night I woke up to that familiar tight sensation under my jawline, strongest under that tooth. Ironically, it's the same molar that the root canal happened on, except it is the other side. I'll be calling the dentist in the morning to schedule a cleaning and tell them about it, but I'm dreading the worst.

At the moment there's nothing aside for some cold sensitivity and that tight muscle sensation. With the last root canal and abscess, there was no cold sensitivity, and in fact the cold would temporarily relieve the pain from the abscess and dying tooth. What other things could be potentially going on here?

I do have a history of bruxism and high anxiety, for additional context. Yet these sensations persist the past week, despite my lack of clenching (or at least I think I'm not clenching much.)

Any advice, opinions, or words of comfort would be greatly appreciated until I pop over to the dentist.



Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Cold sensitivity makes it less likely to be an abscess forming. Other than that I can't say.