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Pregnant and getting bottom wisdom tooth pulled...



Junior member
Aug 22, 2012
So today after work i am getting my bottom wisdom tooth pulled with just novacain... I cant begin to tell you have terrified i am of the pain... :shame: Has anyone had any expierence with this... Does the novicain numb it up pretty well.... How long does it really take? Thank you in advance for you help and advice! :jump::respect:

I had my wisdom teeth out with just local injections. (Not all at the same time!)
My own dentist did the three straightforward ones, and it was no worse than having a normal tooth out. Bit of soreness after, but nothing painkillers couldn't cope with. I did not feel a thing during the extractions.

I had to go to the dental hospital for the last one as it was impacted, but I still had it done with just numbing. Didn't feel anything during that one either. Although that was a bit sorer afterwards, and I needed stitches just for that one.

Good luck!