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Preparing for a panic attack at the oral surgeon tomorrow

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Apr 25, 2021
Vancouver, WA
Hi all,
So here in 5 hours I gotta go get (hopefully 2) teeth extracted.. One needs a root canal , the other a crown..
The pain in them was exacerbated by getting my wisdom teeth out about 2 weeks ago.
Anyways, at that last visit i lost my shit..
night before was panic attacks and right before getting picked up to go was another bad one and I feel like tomorrow is round 2 like how can this go better...
For reference I found out that dentist phobia is tied to childhood traumas that got massively re-activated with the wisdom teeth.
So I have my stuffed sloth that I take with me and gonna make a playlist , bring headphones, and to be quite honest...a cbd/thc concentrate that should help, along with a passionflower tea which majorly helps me manage extreme anxiety.
last time the laughing gas did nothing and i cried/whimpered throughout the entire ordeal..
Not cause it hurt
But because it brought me to a state of being a vulnerable child (4 or 5 years old) and sitting in that chair stirred a long buried wound.
Sucked to reexperience.
And now going again feels scary but I hope I'm more prepared to be gentle with my self and these inner hurt children. Crazy how this is what cracked the shell to all that.
Anyways, I'll post an update even if this is kinda just a journaling type of thing but wish me luck . ?
I hope it goes better this time. If you are getting nitrous again, make sure to ask them to turn it up. It may not have been high enough titration. I have used it before and some surgeons start with it turned way down (mine does), and if you don’t tell them it isn’t working, they won’t know. The first time I had it, it was with an endodontist and she turned it up. Then a surgeon kept it low and I had to ask for it to be turned up. Also make sure you do not breathe through your mouth or it won’t work. Deep breaths in and out through your nose.

Good luck! I also had the trauma as a kid in the dentist chair so I can empathize.
Thank you.. That's good advice. I think they remembered me from last time so that helped but should i have to go back ill need to tell them to turn it up...
They asked if i wanted it turned up and i go "?" meaning yes lol
They took that as I meant im ok so kept going . minor miscommunication but it really kinda felt good almost when they came out... The right was deeeeeply rooted. And right after i began squirming and going into it a little, had my eyes closed tryna get my shit together and the assitant who was being very gentle with me goes,
"Now you dont have to be in pain anymore"
And that was when i cried..
Like a release..
I still had shortness of breath and everything working up to it but not nearly as intense as last time..
Sorry to hear your child dentist experience was rough as well MountainMama but i really do thank you for your support

And everyone here

? feeling hopeful and thinking about bloodletting as i sit with gauze in my mouth.
Peace to all